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A new year, and here we are again …

The end of a year is always a sobering time, and at this time in 2012 I was facing my father’s impending death from terminal cancer and then having to sell the family home and our family’s ‘past/life’. It was a ‘challenging’ year, and this Christmas was also a challenge, but as I sat alone […]

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Christmas on Coronation Street

‘Rat-eyes’, secrets and lies, ‘an eye on the prize’ and impending goodbyes.

IMG_2872I’m a bit scared to admit it, but I didn’t really enjoy the Christmas week episodes …

According to the media we’d been promised ‘laughter all the way’, but Christmas on Coronation Street just fell a little bit short on the old ‘Ho, ho, ho’ for me.

“What on earth makes you say this, Jane?” you gasp.

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