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Corrie Corner – 5th February 2012

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Hands up who cried at little Simon running down the road after his mum? How sad was that? Ken and Deirdre must despair of their offspring, and it’s lucky for Tracy and Peter they’ve got them there to keep dumping their kids off with every five minutes.

Anyone who’s ever had a partner cheat on them will have felt sick at hearing Peter’s pathetic excuses. “It wasn’t planned,” and “I was just trying to protect you,” he bleated all puppy-eyed. Oh, those those cliches just rolled off his tongue, didn’t they? Leanne’s reaction was heartbreaking to watch, and the writer (Jayne Hollinson), got it absolutely spot-on.

If that was a film or a one-off drama the actress would be showered with plaudits, yet a Soap actor never really gets any recognition for just a couple of scenes as it’s storylines that win Awards, but Leanne’s performance was magnificent and has to be deserving of something – even if it’s just a special mention on this little blog – for the way she played it.

As for the trial:  as usual, we had everyone sniping at each other on the way in/out (why don’t they keep the two sides separate?), and the smokers hanging-around chucking dog-ends all over the place. I’m sorry, but there is NO WAY Carla would have had a drag of that fag. If you don’t smoke, you don’t smoke, and she’d have been coughing and spluttering all over the place if she’d have done that in ‘real life’.

Carla and Peter both have a bit of a ‘look of the night’ about them at the best of times (it’s all that black!), but in Court they looked like something from the Addams Family, and speaking of looking like someone … I was watching the tennis last Sunday and thought I spotted a real resemblance.

Another one who’s got a bit of the night about him is Steve (with that current hairstyle). Some of the exchanges between him and Tracy were funny (and Steve’s expessions have been classic this week!), but it did start to wear a bit thin by the end of the week.

Even though he said, “I didn’t love you. I never loved you, I just felt sorry for you. Now the pity’s gone, there’s nothing else holding us together,” I’m just worried that she’ll talk him round, and what with Deirdre saying “It’s Amy who’s the casualty in all this,” I just think he’ll end up taking her back.

Tracy’s SO manipulative, but I just hope that she doesn’t manage to worm her way back in, and don’t forget: Beth’s waiting in the wings, and what a brilliant pairing THAT would be!

Ken’s on Steve’s side, and although he loves Leanne he’s on Peter’s side too. Ken passed up the chance of a new life with Martha so knows better than anyone where Peter’s ‘coming from’. I just can’t see them sticking together as a couple though – they’re too different – but I’m certainly enjoying seeing plenty of Carla.

She’s got such charisma and is so stunningly attractive I reckon Peter must have thought he’d died and gone to Heaven when he first found out they were going to be paired-up! When her Barrister said, “It’s hard enough for rape victims to come forward,” and she seethed, “I know. I AM one,” it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!

Frank does too. He’s chillingly believable – and was believed in Court. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to work out that he’d get off, but it’s what’s going to happen next that’ll have us all on the edges of our seats over the next few weeks …

I don’t think that turning Roy’s into Beef Encounter will make Milton any money, but he could certainly earn a living as a lookalike. As he walked into the cafe, for a split second I genuinely thought it was old Rodders from Emmerdale!

Two Overacting by a Bit-Part Actor Awards this week. One goes to Carla’s Barrister for his opening statement, and the other goes to Frank’s on Friday. Just re-watch the scene when they’ve just come out of Court; shocking bit of acting.

As for overacting of a different sort … yes, it’s Rosie Webster. I’m feeling SO sad watching her scenes now, as she’ll be gone soon and we’ll have lost one of Soap’s funniest characters (maybe forever?). You know how much I love Rosie and how I admire Helen Flanagan’s skill as an actress in making her appear so completely self-centred and ‘outraged’ the whole time.

It’s like any ‘big’ character: it’s only when someone’s doing something really well that they stir up strong emotions, and all those people who denegrate Rosie/Helen only go to prove just how GOOD she is in the role. I could (as usual), just put all Rosie’s lines into my Grins of the week, but I won’t!

Rosie: “I’m sure I’ve got a spot coming.” (Dramatically) “It feels massive.”

Eileen: “Oh, maybe you’re growing another head?”

Rosie (traumatised): “Eileen. That is SO not funny.”

Tracy: “So Amy will have to sit eating ready meals off her knee every night?”

Steve: “No change there then.”

Owen: “I’m only 10 minutes late; that’s early for a builder.”

Peter: “Is Leanne here?”

Norris and Mary: “In the back.” Hilarious!

Deirdre: “How are you, love?”

Tracy: “Oh, practically an orphan. Thanks for asking.”

Brian: “Do I have to spell it out?”

Kylie: “Does it have B.O.G.O.F.F in it?”

Milton: “I’m from Palm Springs: California.”

Julie (gasps): “Oh, what a coincidence. That’s where my prunes come from!”

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