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Corrie Corner – 29th January 2012

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Congratulations to Corrie on winning Best Serial Drama at the NTAs this week. Nice for an ITV Soap get it for a change!

We were on pins waiting for Monday’s Episodes, and they didn’t disappoint. The scenes in the Church were full of expected ‘Corrie wedding humour’ (Steve was funny when the Vicar gave him evils for using his phone!), and there were some lovely one-liners.

“I deserve this mum. Nobody deserves this as much as I do,” Tracy said to Deirdre on the morning of the wedding. Nobody deserves it less, more like, although nobody deserved what they had coming to them more!

It was cleverly written (so as to show that Becky wasn’t just rubbing Tracy’s nose in it). Even after Steve had given her a piece of his mind she still had second thoughts about actually going through with it – until Tracy came into the toilet and goaded her.

“What was your name before?” Tracy miaowed cattlily.

“Oh, it’s always been Becky (!)” Becky countered, before walking calmy back in; making sure the kids weren’t around, then calmly passing the envelope to Steve and saying simply, “Bye.”

I laughed out loud when Tracy snatched it off him and he snatched it back, and it was all so beautifully acted. Deirdre’s face was a picture, and Gail looked like the cat who’d got the gold top!

It brought a tear (more than one), to my eye when Becky said goodbye to Roy and Hayley, but I did find it a teensy bit contrived that it all just happened to have taken place on the exact day at the exact time for her to be able to get straight into a cab to arrive at the Airport at the exact time Danny and Billy’s flight was checking-in.

I also thought it a bit far-fetched that they were travelling First Class. Would a Hotel Chain really pay for First Class tickets just to relocate one of its Managers (and their child, AND for him to also buy a First Class ticket for Becky too)? I’m thinking ‘No’, and – to me – it would have been much nicer to see them settling down in their seats in Economy together, with Danny snuggling up-against one shoulder and little Billy leaning on the other.

That’s just my personal little niggle, but apart from that I reckon we were all very happy (and relieved), for the truth to be ‘out’ and for Becky to get the happy ending she SO richly deserved. Becky’s departure’s been on the cards for so long now that it feels strange now it’s finally happened, but she went out on a total high – and was totally vindicated in everyone’s eyes. We’ll all miss her, and (who knows), maybe she’ll be back one day?

As for what she left behind … oh, Tracy, you’ve done it now (well, I HOPE you have, and that you don’t end up talking Steve round). I had to laugh when Deirdre called out from the living room, “We’re in here Ken,” as he walked in. Er. It’s a tiny house, and they’re always in that room!

Right. Here’s a question. If someone jumped into your car and urged you to “Drive!” what would you do? Yes, you’d drive, but we had the Spanish Inquisition before Peter finally made a move, and who should just happen to be parking opposite, but Frank?

He got his PI straight back on the case. Really? I’d have thought that after the way he’d spoken to her when he sacked her she’d have told him to stick it right up his undergarments …

Oh, I hate Peter’s lies. I hate his tattoos too. (Gulp. That one under his arm must have been agony!) What was he even doing there in the first place? He should have been going to Simon’s Parents’ night. He is his father, after all.

Ok. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but … I got half way through a scene with Stella and Leanne before I noticed the accent. She’s getting there at last! She’s SO on to Peter and Carla, and I can’t wait for that to all come out. Wooh!

“He won’t be tempted,” (to drink), Leanne assured Stella at the bar.

“Oh, I’m sure he won’t,” she replied – knowing exactly what temptation he was giving-in to at that precise moment!

“Oh, I can’t bear smoking. How could you kiss someone who stinks like an ashtray?” Sally commented as they looked at the photos of Peter dragging that fag outside the Hotel. Poor Carla had to snog him, and that was it: the money shot. Oh dear. What on earth is that going to do to her defence at the trial?

Let’s take our minds off it with my Grins of the week:

Norris (to Mary, about Marcus): “Don’t get your hopes up. He’s on the other bus.”

Tracy (about Ken): “Did he say anything about me?”

Deirdre: “He hasn’t finished with me yet.”

Karl (to Steve): “Anything I can do for you mate? Brush your teeth; wash your lovely hair?”

It’s Bobby Crush … oh, no, it’s Norris!

Becky (about Tracy): “She’s so stooped, she’s folded in half. In’t that right Dreary?”

Tracy: “You’ve got a big gob, mum.”

PS Brian; where’s your manners? You went into Roy’s and said to Hayley, “A sticky bun.” What about please? You’re a Headmaster. Tut, tut.

PPS Tracy said she was like the little Matchstick girl. I think she meant the little Match girl!

PPPS Why is Steve buying scotch at Dev’s when he owns a pub? Dev charged him £20 for a large bottle of  ‘good’ stuff. That’s way too cheap for a Corner Shop, surely?

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