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Corrie Corner – 8th January 2012

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Happy New Year everyone!

Aah, it was wonderful to watch the Corrie Omnibus over Christmas like I used to before I started my Soap-blogging (I have to have it all watched by Friday night, ready to write the blog on a Saturday now!), but it’s been back to normal this week with my little black book and pen in-hand, scribbling-away.

As for Christmas: well, it was ‘Poor Becky’ yet-again, as the evil Tracy lied to Steve and blackmailed her own mother into keeping schtum. Anyone who’s ever been wrongly blamed/accused of something will have felt desperately sorry for Becky as she tried in vain to make Steve believe her.

That’s not to say I didn’t have a teeny bit of sympathy for Tracy (only for a moment, mind!), as she stood listening to the Carol Singers. She looked genuinely heartbroken as she leaned against Steve’s shoulder. I felt really sad for Leanne too, as she looked so happy with the phone that Play-away Peter gave her for Christmas.

Carla complained, “I’m the one left on my own every night, but I understand the reason why we have to be apart.” Yeah … he won’t leave his wife. Come on girl: you knew what you were getting in to. You can’t start moaning about it now, can you?

This affair’s really troubling me. I normally LIKE a good old affair; it’s one of the cornerstones of any Soap, but this one’s different. It all feels so ‘grubby’. Maybe it’s because Peter always looks so grubby and shifty (although we haven’t seen him hanging-around in doorways dragging on a fag lately), but it all just seems so seedy – and SO not Carla.

I can’t bear to see him spinning lie after lie to Leanne, and I just hope she finds out soon and Peter ends it with Carla (because she deserves better). Come on: if he really wanted to be with her, he would …

Talking of not wanting to be with someone: I said from her first day in Corrie that I didn’t like Kirsty and that she SO wasn’t right for our lovely Tyrone, and she’s really proved me right. She really is a nasty piece of work, isn’t she? It’s like EastEnders’ ‘Creepy Doctor’ Yusef all over again. The face on her when she sees Ty with any of his mates: it’s well-scary.

Tommy said “He’s completely whipped,” and he truly is. She’s gradually alienating him from all his friends. Talk about controlling. I really struggle to believe that one lowly WPC can have such ‘power’ that she’s able to make Policemen and Store Detectives do what she wants though, and it’s not exactly portraying the Police in a good light, is it?

Let’s think about something nicer. Rosie was mortified to have to do the Road Safety shoot, but as her Agent told her: “When Kate Moss started out, she was the face of Atkinson’s Rivets, so think on,” and our Rosie believed it, of course.

Oh, I’m SO going to miss Rosie. Vivienne’s going to get her a great job and she’ll be gone forever. *sniff* She and Jason are a truly wonderful partnership. She treats him like dirt and thinks that he’s the thick one, but most of what anyone says goes totally over both their heads! Brilliant. It’s such a shame that she and Sophie have had so few scenes together over the years too. Sophie is a perfect ‘straight’ man for her (well, you know what I mean!), and they’re another great Double Act.

Oh dear. That brings me on to Sophie and Sian. (They must have been freezing in those dresses!) I could write loads about how Sophie brought it all on herself, and for her to blame Kevin is really unfair. I understand why she blames her dad though. What teenager doesn’t try to blame someone else for their mistakes?

I know it was Sian’s exit storyline, but I think it would have been FAR more credible for her to have run out of the Church, then come back to the house (to question/forgive Sophie), and have caught her and Amber kissing, because she’d already forgiven Sophie for everything else not five minutes earlier, and – in real life – I think that as it HAD only been one kiss (and quite a while ago too), it didn’t really feel believable for her to have walked out on her for it. What do you think? Leave me a comment, perhaps?

Oh, and what about Silly Sally, aye? We’re all screaming “Don’t do it Sal!” but she’s about to. That look in Frank’s eyes as she walked away from his house was absolutely chilling …

Despite not initially approving of Eileen’s liason with Fireman Paul, I’m rapidly developing a really soft spot for him. He’s very cute, and has a lovely twinkle in his eye when he smiles. They really ‘work’ as a couple, but of course, he’s married, and Julie decided to try and find Eileen someone else at the Speed-dating Event in the Bistro.

With the amount of rows (and people storming out after five minutes), that go on in that place you’d think it was ‘Speed-dating’ every night of the week, and (in keeping with tradition), she didn’t stay long. “I’m out of here,” she announced to the 80’s throwback she’d been talking to. “Ooh. By ‘eck, you’re keen,” he quipped (thinking he’d pulled). Great line!

I can already tell that Beth’s lines are going to feature heavily in my Grins of the week. She’s started well. Her and Eileen are a great combo, and her scene with Steve was a cracker!

Beth (to Eileen): “We could go trapping (men) together. Best with two: pincer movement!”

“My Granny would turn in her urn.”

“Our Craig’ll have emptied the fridge if I don’t get back soon. He should be in a wildlife programme.”

Rosie: “You always pass failure on the way to success: Mickey Rooney. Is that Wayne’s dad?”

Julie: “Sorry Eileen. All this talk of fire. I don’t want to remind you of ‘You-know-who’.

Jason: “Who?”

PS The teddy Peter was taking for Simon was no way his favourite. I’ve not only never noticed it before, but it’s far too big and far too clean to be anyone’s most-loved bedtime friend.

PPS LOVED Stella’s rat eyes at the end when she clocked Peter and Carla’s ‘look’ across the bar. Ker-ching! Two and two definitely equals four there!

PPPS I thought Katy being Mary and giving birth in the stable might possibly have been a tad far-fetched!

PPPPS Does Sophie really think she could get a refund on her dress after she’d worn it? Surely it would be dirty on the bottom from wearing it out in the street?

Here’s some New Beer Resolutions: Peter (the worst offender in any Soap over the last year!), needs to stop grabbing supposedly red-hot (empty) mugs of tea in his hand and swigging them straight down … but then forgetting to swallow!

Stella needs to keep working on that accent, Tommy needs to resolve to ask Tina out, and the writers have to promise to keep Kylie wicked/funny and to also keep the wonderful Beth (and Craig please?) in the show, as she’s a long-awaited replacement for one of my favourite-ever characters: Cilla.

Storyline Editors/Writers: would it also be too much to ask for my Carla/Michelle romance to happen? They’re so touchy-feely; have got such great chemistry, and it could all work so well when Peter (inevitably) ends their affair.

If not, then PLEASE can you find Sophie a new partner, as it was a very important milestone/draw for Corrie (having Sophie and Sian in a relationship), and it would be a real shame for the show to lose its lesbian/gay support.

Are you – like me – bereft by the end of Sophie and Sian’s romance? If so, then my novel, the chick-lit/lesbian romance “Just Good Friends?” can help ease the pain. It’s on Amazon/Kindle and is available at the click of a mouse: SIMPLY CLICK HERE!


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