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Corrie Corner – 18th December 2011



Kirsty - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewOK. It might be Christmas, but my Season of Goodwill doesn’t extend to Kirsty. How horrible is she? She’s getting more controlling by the week. Is this all leading somewhere (like she’s going to become some stalker-ex or something?), because if it’s just her personality, then the thought of her staying with Tyrone and having his baby (if it’s true what I’ve read), is a nightmare.

She even asked him if he’d slept with Fiz. What next: Emily? “Speak of the devil,” Tyrone said as she came in with that Christmas tree. You said it, Ty. Kirsty said her tree was “Already decorated, co-ordinated and sophisticated.” What: in THAT house? Get a grip girl.

Ches & Gary - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewThere’s been a lot of Christmas stuff this week. Those brothers (how similar do they look?!), Gary and Ches selling trees in the street gave Norris a few good lines: “Twenty Pounds for a Christmas tree? What were they wearing: stripy jumpers?” he asked Emily incredulously, then squeaked “Forty-five Pounds?” when Rita said she was contemplating buying a tree for the Kabin.

“I’m paying,” she replied.

“Oh, well. I suppose it’s worth looking in to,” he grugingly replied!

Rita - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewWhat was that turkey cook-off all about? There was more padding than in a Father Christmas suit. If you wanted them to have dinner with the Croppers, why didn’t Hayley just step-in and invite them in the middle of the argument in the Rovers? It would have saved a whole lot of bother. Rita and Emily looked as if they were cringing with embarrassment through the whole thing. I certainly was.

I love Corrie. I’ve always loved Corrie, and Corrie generally keeps me happy in the way its storylines go, but I’m sorry to say (again), that this Carla/Peter thing’s come totally unstuck (for me). There is NO WAY Carla would be someone’s mistress. It was heartbreaking for Peter to promise he’d leave Leanne, then for Carla to have to see them all walking down the road together. Peter then even had the cheek to try and say that it was because of Simon.

The old Carla would have had nothing more to do with him after he’d gone back on his word like that, but – unbelievably – she took him straight back and has now embarked on what is nothing more than a sleazy affair.

Carla: if someone wants to be with you they’ll do whatever it takes – and you know that. Kick him to the kerb girlfriend, as you’re the one who’ll end up wasting your time and getting hurt when Leanne gets pregnant and he stays with her (as that’ll be the next thing to happen I reckon).

Carla & Peter - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewShe doesn’t even look entirely comfortable in their clinches/snogging scenes either. I was going to say that perhaps it’s because of the smell of smoke (although funnily-enough, Peter suddenly seems to have stopped smoking this week)! Carla’s so sexy, and has been so badly treated by so many men that she just deserves to find someone to be happy with. Peter had his chance and bottled it. He SO doesn’t deserve her; she’s way too good for him. Michelle would never do that to her …

As Peter waited in the flat (ready to tell Leanne he was leaving her), The Beatles’ I’ll Follow the Sun was playing CLICK HERE FOR LYRICS. What a perfect example of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background! There was something very suspicious playing behind Lloyd and Karl’s fight too, but I don’t know the name of the song, and when Eileen and Fireman Paul were having a talk about Christmas Day, Mud’s Lonely this Christmas was playing behind them, and we all know the words to that one, don’t we?

Owen - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewI’m missing Kylie’s bad side while she’s trying to play ‘Happy Families’ with Max. She hasn’t had a decent line for a fortnight. It’s Owen who’s got all the best lines (at her and David’s expense), at the moment. “He’s probably ashamed to show HIS WEASLEY LITTLE FACE,” he shouted over the fence in their general direction, and “I’d sooner be in care than have them numpties as parents,” he told the Social Worker.

The saga of the fish is getting zzzzzzzzzz

Becky - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewWhat about Becky then, and what about those earrings? Hey, THAT’S where Owen’s fish went. They started-off orange, but her fags smoked them! Wasn’t it good to see her and Steve together this week? They’ve got such great chemistry. Steve’s got great chemistry with Tracy too, but they don’t belong together, like he does with Becky (or Karen).

I laughed out loud at that double-take Tracy did when she heard Becky say she’d bought into Street Cars! It seems such a shame that it’s not going to work out (because of Becky leaving). There would have been a lot of mileage in that (!), and as Becky seems to be giving Street Cars a whole new lease of life, it doesn’t bear thinking about as to what Tracy’s going to do to mess it up – especially as she’s lost the babies (the ‘hook’ for her fish, Steve), and you know who she’ll blame for that, don’t you? Gulp.

I’m still pondering Tracy’s line, “Steve only tells the truth when a lie seems less interesting.” That’s deep, that is.

Good Drinking from a Mug Awards go to Tommy and Jason, and here’s my Grins of the week:

Lloyd: “Just thought I’d come in and say my goodbyes.”

Steve: “Can I come with you?”

Anna: “Kylie and David wouldn’t go to all that bother.” (filling-in the fish pond)

Owen: “Well, who else did it? The mud fairies?”

Steve: “I think it’s time to introduce you to the one quality we McDonalds are most proud of.”

Karl: “What’s that then?”

Steve: “Cowardice.”

Kylie: “Is this your idea of a joke?”

Owen: “No love. You and him playing at parents is my idea of a joke.”

Ken: “You should have seen Simon’s face.”

Peter: “I’ve seen his face.”

Steve (about Tracy): “At least you didn’t steal my girlfriend.”

Lloyd - Coronation Street - Jane Reynolds' weekly 'Corrie Corner' reviewLloyd: “Mate; nobody would steal your girlfriend!”

Becky: “I think he was a bit more interested in my charms actually.”

Steve: “Why? Was he a sleaze?”

Owen (to David): “Get off me, or you’ll be wearing your bits as a bobble hat.”

PS Lloyd looked like the Hovis Lad in that cap! (Has he gone for good? I hope not.)

PPS Gary, you can’t re-plant a tree that hasn’t got roots, mate!

PPPS Norris is always so very well turned-out and colour co-ordinated, isn’t he? Bless.

PPPPS Tracy told Amy to go upstairs and wash her hands (after her tea), and she DID! At least send her to her room ‘To play’ – like most Soap mothers do!

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And with that, may I wish you all a Happy Christmas, and I’ll see you all on the 8th January for a good old pick over the bones of Christmas Corrie. I’ll probably still be crying over Sophie and Sian’s Wedding. Oh Sophie; how could you? Sian’s so lovely. You’ll regret it girl: you mark my words …


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