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‘Emmerdale-y’ – 11th December 2011

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Emmerdale absolutely ‘Cain-ed it’ this week. Boom, boom!

As I scribbled in my little black book while I was watching this week’s Episodes it suddenly struck me that I was running out of superlatives. There’s rarely been a week since I’ve been writing these blogs that I haven’t praised the Emmerdale Actors/Writers, and this week is no exception.

I made page after page of notes and ended up with so many that I’ve had real trouble trying to cut bits out! The acting was all SO good this week that it’s hard to praise someone without feeling I’m doing a disservice to the others, but I’ve just loved Charity and Chas.

Soaps go in ‘phases’, but in the year I’ve been Soap-blogging, Emmerdale’s storylines have consistently been the most gripping and the writing and acting have been SO good that if Emmerdale doesn’t win ‘Best Soap’ in 2012 then – to me – there really will be no justice in the world.

This week’s had me in tears (again) too, and it’s been mostly from seeing Eric with his eyes red and full of tears on seeing the baby (who can blame him though; he’s completely gorgeous); at his guilt over Amy’s pregnancy, and trying to protect her by squaring-up to Cain, saying: “If I was Twenty years younger I’d– ” Ah, bless him.

It’s really sad that he and Val blame themselves and feel they let Amy down though. It’s the opposite: nobody could have done more. It’s Amy who’s lied, cheated and kept secrets – and will no-doubt do so again in the future (this is a Soap, after all)!

It would be so nice for her to settle down and start behaving responsibly, but like Eric says, “Amy will be out doing what Amy does,” (while they’re left ‘holding the baby’ – literally), and he’s right in urging Val to back off and not force her into making a decision she might regret. Amy needs to remember: ‘A baby is for life, not for Christmas’, and it’s a huge decision to make (although as most Soap children seem to disappear for weeks at a time, it’s not like it’ll be a full-time job!).

I do have a tiny bit of sympathy for Cain though, as (even though he was horrible to Amy), he DID think she’d had an abortion. I felt sorry for him too when he told Charity he loved her. There’s no excuse under the sun for his behaviour, but there’s a little part of me that feels a bit sorry for him (which is simply down to Jeff Hordley’s great acting), as nobody should – in theory, have any sympathy for such a villain.

“He’s not going to rest until he wrecks every life that he thinks is better than the life he’s got,” Charity explained, but even though Jai said, “I can’t have you without getting him,” it still seems a bit drastic to actually go ahead and split up over it. Surely even Cain would have realised he was beaten in the end if they’d gone ahead with the wedding? They could have got an injunction as a last resort, surely?

Mind you, would that make any difference? “It’s Cain. Up and dressed, he’s a law unto himself,” Lisa pointed out, and she’s right I guess, but there’s a part of him that feels his life’s SO bad that he’s somehow within his rights to behave like that. Just as well we don’t all use that philosphy, isn’t it? I’d have been banged-up years ago!

It was all great stuff though, and every single line this week has been an absolute gem. The big scene in the pub, especially, was an absolute masterclass in writing, and we’ve certainly got a big cast of suspects who’d feel more than justified in being the one to have clunked him over the head. My money’s on Edna. She had a verrry funny look on her face …

The nurse in the purple outfit gets a Good Acting by a Bit-Part Actor Award, and even with all that drama, there’s still loads of Grins of the Week:

Charity: “He doesn’t need a restraining order; he needs a cage.”

Val: “You’re his mammy. He needs to know you’re nearby.”

Amy: “Yeah. That’ll make him feel loads better (!)”

Zac: “I know where to draw the line.”

Cain: “So do I. It just happens to be in a different place.”

Victoria: “What was it like?” (Giving birth in a Cemetery.)

Amy: “Dark.”

Sam (as the Police arrive): “It’s the filth. Come in … no offence.”

Cain: “Can I come and stay with you?”

Katie: “Not even in a Parallel Universe.”

Cain: “I could brush your hair and tell you you look pretty.” (That’s well-scary!)

Val: “You’re up early.”

Amy: “Life’s so great, I wouldn’t want to miss a second (!)”

Cain: “Oy. Happy now, are you?”

Charity: “I was until I saw you.”

Alex: “What’s up with your face?”

Victoria: “My best friend had a baby and dumped it. Is that good enough for you?”

Moira: “Don’t have a go at him – have a go at me.”

Cain: “Been there sweetheart.”

Val: “You’ve been through a terrible ordeal.”

Amy: “I know. I was there.”

Pointless Priya: “Where’s she (Charity) going?”

Charity: “Shut up, you gobby little cow.”

Debbie: “Dad’s been arrested.”

Sam: “Why?”

Charity: “Pick a reason. I’m sure it’ll apply.”

PS Loved Cain’s line to Chas as Pointless Priya whacked him across the face: “You’re getting some right slappers in here, aren’t you?”

PPS Why would Cain have set off walking up the road – to nowhere? Surely he’d have just gone to his car to drive to a Hotel somewhere for the night, and ooh, it was just a little bit cheesy … having that solitary Church bell ringing in that ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ kind-of-way as he walked through the village!

PPPS Where was Gennie again? Why wasn’t she with Nik when it was all kicking-off?

PPPPS Is the jumper Amy was wearing what they call ‘fashion’? It’s even worse than the dark blue one with a rainbow across the chest that I had in the 1970’s!

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