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TV Times – 17th July 2011

The Apprentice

Week 11 – Fast Food

Susie - The Apprentice - Jane Reynolds' TV Times reviewSusie “It’s good that we’ve got three minds – against two on the other team.” Depends on who those minds belong to really though, doesn’t it?  Seemed promising. Natasha had a Hospitality Degree. “I had to create a Restaurant, brand it; the works,” she told us.

Fantastic. A perfect PM for this task then?  Er, no.  There was no mistaking Jim’s determination to run this one.  He almost sold it to them too.  “I’ve got two people behind me who are really supportive,” is what he said. “I wouldn’t trust either of you to do anything more than polish tables and show people into my Restaurant,” was what he meant.

Natasha’s comment “I’ve got a degree, but I don’t have an enormous amount of work experience,” throws-up the old debate, what’s best: a piece of paper saying that you know something, or actual experience at doing it?  Natasha’s comment (and performance in this task), absolutely exemplifies the adage, “Not worth the paper it’s written on.”  She totally bottled it.

It’s such clever production/editing on this show.  Nick & Karren’s facial expressions alone are enough to tell you exactly what the state of play is!  If there was a degree in Table-Polishing, Susie would have one.  You know when people say “You could see your face in it?”  Susie actually could!  “God, I look horrible,” she said.  I’d have been more worried about losing the task if I were her.

MyPy Helen Tom - The Apprentice - Jane Reynolds' TV Times reviewMyPy looked like a British Airways check-in desk, and Helen could have a great career as an Air Hostess.  She TOTALLY looked the part!

“Have you eaten 100% British before?” they asked everyone who walked in.  Now, if someone asked me that if I walked into a takeaway, I’d just have to say incredulously “What?  Do you mean ingredients or Cuisine? Either way, of course I have; what a stupid question,” but then that’s just me …  I don’t think anyone likes being greeted/questioned on their way into shops etc, do they?

I hadn’t realised (until I saw them being interviewed on ITV’s This Morning), that they all get filmed being fired and getting into a taxi.  That explains why they all look the same when they’re leaving and you never see any of them in tears (which they often are, according to Nick in an interview in this Saturday’s Daily Mail TV Guide).

I’d love to know what Helen meant with her whispered “Thanks Jim,” on the way out of the Boardroom after they’d won!  So, Natasha got fired and we’re left with four. I actually had tears in my eyes for Susan when it looked as if she was going to be fired.

I liked how – despite their animosity towards each other during the process – Susan shook Natasha’s hand and kissed her as they left.  (The way they behave on the way out shows a lot about their true characters, don’t you think?)  She’s got a good future ahead, but she’s so young, and she needs to learn to talk less and listen more before she’d be ready to win this competition.

I’m sorry to have to say this too, but my ‘Main Man’ Jim’s performance this week has almost certainly lost it for him.  He came across as too confident; as if he should be the only contender for the prize, and that (in his mind), he’d already won it.  They’re all passionate; it’s how you put yourself across. That’s Jim’s Achille’s heel.  He comes over too forcefully.

The Final Four The Apprentice - Jane Reynolds' TV Times reviewIn the meantime, Tom demonstrated perfectly what a great all-rounder he is.  The final’s tonight and (of course), it’s down to their Business Concept/Plan, but (based on what’s happened in this week’s task), it can surely only be a two-horse race now between Helen and Tom?  Let’s see what 9.00 tonight brings …


The Hour

BBC The Hour - Jane Reynolds' TV Times reviewNow then.  As it’s the middle of Summer (it’s raining, blowing a gale, and I have the heater on in my office as I write this!), there tends not to be much on TV, and I was wondering what on earth I might have to write about next week, but luckily I’m fine as Tuesday 9.00 on BBC2 sees the start of The Hour; a new six-part drama set to rival Mad Men (apparently).  Ooh, let’s just see, shall we?


Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie - Jane Reynolds' TV Times reviewI’ve been discussing Nurse Jackie with my Twitter friend @Yasmin_O_H. this week. I’ve already mentioned this brilliant show several times before, but it’s unfortunate that after the BBC decided to first broadcast it in ‘Graveyard’ slots, they’ve now gone and let the 3rd Series go to Sky, which means I’ll have to find another way of seeing it.

What people mostly don’t realise about this show is that it is the most delicious black comedy, so if you like a cracking mix of cutting wit and superb acting (all against a back-drop of how one woman’s addiction to prescription drugs is gradually destroying both her career and her family life), then this is definitely the show for you!

Edie Falco is as far away from the character of Carmela (Tony’s wife in The Sopranos), as you could get, and I just can’t tell you how beautifully she plays the part.  I would love it if even one person now watches it and then comes back to me and says ‘God, you were right Jane, it’s fantastic.’  I’ll feature their comments on here for sure if they do!


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