Christmas in Emmerdale

Emmerdale Christmas logo 160x111 HomeChristmas in Emmerdale, and everyone's getting on like a house on fire. Oops ... Yes, Declan's latest bright idea was to burn Home Farm down and pocket the insurance money. Ah, and it was all going so well too, until the whole thing 'went up in smoke'.


Corrie Corner

Baby Oleg & more: Wednesday 12th February 2014

IMG 2489 100x100 HomeWho hasn't fallen in love with those Corrie meerkats, and the arrival of baby Oleg has given us an even bigger 'Aah' factor. Such a cute little chap, and you can exclusively see the new baby Oleg trailers right here before they're broadcast on Coronation Street tonight.


Soapy Corner

Review of Coronation Street Hayley's death

 HomeIt's over, and the Corrie Coronation Street timelines on Twitter prior to last night's epsiodes were basically saying either: 'I don't want to watch', or 'I'm going to cry my eyes out'. It was clear that we'd have to wait until the end of the second episode for the actual suicide, and it seems that there's some disagreement (and a lot of disappointment) this morning about what we saw.


Carla Corner

Carchelle Corner - February 2013

Carchelle 160x160 HomeIt normally takes me from first thing on Saturday morning until Monday lunchtime to produce my weekly Soapy Corners (and then I have another half a day's admin etc to do on top of that), but I'm currently struggling to have even finished watching one week's episodes before the next week's start!


Queen Vic Corner

Christmas can be murder. Janine's certainly was

 HomeChristmas can be murder. Janine's certainly was. It might take a while, but (like with Emmerdale's Carl) Soap 'baddies' will always get their comeuppance in the end. Janine's performance over the last few weeks has been gripping, and Charlie Brooks is definitely going out on a high.